Strategies For A Good Food Education

The advantage of making a diet plan with a dietitian is that he will make an individualized menu. Thus, food education will not only help to create healthy habits but will also provide all the nutrients needed for a perfect physical and mental development, creating a well being for the family.

Some strategies, however, can help support food education :

Parents are always examples. Whenever you can, promote meals with the whole family at the table, develop the quality of life. The child will mirror you and want to imitate. Therefore, avoid fried foods, canned goods, cold meats, filled cookies, dyes, flavorings, and fast food;

Make fun snacks to take to school. Make sandwiches decorated with happy faces or animal figures. You find various online content teaching how to make drawings with fruits and vegetables;

Call the little friends for a surprise snack. Prepare well-colored and creative dishes. Many children eat better in the presence of other children. This strategy may be especially interesting for single children;

Go and take your child regularly to the health plan’s nutritionist.