What Do You Know About SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is Not Negotiable if You Want Organic Search Traffic

Search engine optimisation of a business website is absolutely necessary to be able to take advantage of organic search traffic.


In Australia many CEO’s of small companies are woefully ignorant of the massive benefits in ROI for their advertising dollars when professionally applied to their business website.

Do you know that only 6% of the traffic will click on a website at position No 5 (on page 1) of Google. Even at absolute No.1 position a website will only receive 37% of the clicking traffic. How many clicks do you think a website will receive if it’s not on page 1. It will have to share 4% with every other page.

SEO and The Benefits of Being in The Top 5 Positions of Google

Websites appearing in the top 5 positions of Google are getting the lions share of organic search traffic. That is people who are searching Google for a particular product or service. Even small towns may enjoy reasonable search traffic just for a plumber. You can imagine a city has literally hundreds or even thousands of searches a month for a plumber.

It is a BIG mistake to underestimate the value of this traffic. They are already looking for what you have to offer. Once they click your website and they can see that they are in the right place they are likely to call or email and inquiry.

What Kind of SEO Does it Take to Get Top of Google Search

SEO is split into two main types – On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is all about the structure of the website, structure of content, quality and relevance of content and how the Meta Data is expressed. Google looks at every website and scores it using an algorithm which gives a weight to many, many facets of what makes up a website. What Google is looking for is the most relevant and closest source of information that matches the searchers query.

It is in Googles interest to deliver to the searchers the highest quality response possible. To do this Google needs to have a system of ranking a websites relevance and Google begins by looking at the above mentioned.

However although On Page SEO is critical it only sets the stage for the next group of indicators. This is the Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

This is where the fun begins. Off page SEO can appear very mysterious to most of us because it is usually not anywhere near as visible. Off Page SEO includes all social network activity related to the website and social connectivity is becoming a more and more important ranking factor. Google likes to see that people are actively talking about or are engaged with the website.

Another very important (maybe the most important) factor are links from other websites but NOT just any links. The links that count for Google are from other websites that already have high metric as far as Google is concerned. Google used to rank websites with a number from 0 to10. 10 being the highest but this system has been faded away by Google.

The really important criteria for linking websites is their relevance and authority. Relevance and authority is something that is earned, it cannot be bought but what can be bought are articles that link from high authority websites to lower authority websites which have the effect of lifting the authority of the target website. Get enough of these and the target website will rise like a phoenix to the top of Google.

Make Sure You Hire a Professional SEO with a Track Record

SEO has a bad name because the industry is full of sharks and shysters making it very difficult for the true professional. Stories abound of many businesses paying huge monthly fees for SEO over long periods of time with very little result.

You will have to get SEO on your website at some time so when you do make sure that the SEO you hire can prove to you their achievement. If they are any good at  they will be able to demonstrate charts showing the climb through the ranks of their existing clients. If they cant or wont then stear clear.

Our experience has been great experience with a company called InCityDomain who was recommended to us by one of our clients. InCityDomain had no problem demonstrating many success stories


Coffee Beans, Coffee Grinding and Coffee Machines

Caffeination – From Coffee Beans to Coffee Machines

See the best in New Zealand’s coffee industry under one roof, national championships, coffee classes, coffee roasting, coffee stories, coffee machines, espresso machines and coffee, coffee, coffee.

Caffienation is New Zealand’s Biggest Coffee Event

New Zealanders are big coffee drinkers and according to its promoters! “It’s the Festival that will stir up coffee lovers all over the country, luring them with the aromas of freshly roasted coffee and the promise of new tastes and experiences. Being in a central New Zealand location, And a central location within Wellington – right on the waterfront – Wellington is a great setting for such a coffee showcase. Best of all, Caffeination — the New Zealand Festival of Coffee will bring together coffee lovers, aficionado’s and experts within the industry over a two-day extravaganza that is expected to attract thousands.”

Coffee Roasting and Coffee Tasting

Numerous coffee roasters and brands will be there to treat coffee lovers with their particular brand of coffee and they’ll learn all about roasting beans, grinding beans and the many different ways their favourite drink can be served.

The Ultimate Home Coffee Machine

Baristas will compete to make the best coffee and coffee machine brands and manufacturers will be there to demonstrate the latest in home coffee machines so that you can make that perfect coffee in the comfort of your own home.

You may already work in the coffee industry you may be an avid coffee lover. If its coffee your into then you had better not miss this amazing coffee event!

Caffeination 2015 will be held on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March at the TSB Bank Arena, Wellington.

Oh! I nearly forgot to say the The Little Guy Coffee machine will be there too. See you there caffeine fiends!


Keep Your Books in Order

 A Bookkeeping Message for Small Business peace of Mind

Being a small business ourselves with a hand full of employees we happened to learn the hard way what NOT to do when it comes to bookkeeping. To begin with we just did not have a dedicated bookkeeper.

All of us are what you might call the creative type. We are good at graphics, web design, back end, front ends, marketing, sales and otherwise clicking stuff on a computer screen.

It seemed pretty easy when we started. We did a lot of our financial transactions through Paypal both buying and getting paid and the rest was entirely internet banking. We did not have a cheque book.

In fact we did’nt even have an accountant. You see we all came together in a way by accident for a project and we never left. Work kept coming in and we just kept working and paying the bills and distributing the income. We did this for two years! I know it’s hard to believe.

What! We Need to Hire a Bookkeeper!

Finally one day we woke up with a bang! It was a shock and also a big pain in the you know what to one day be confronted with all the things we were not doing. In the end it took someone weeks and a lot of our own time to bring everything up to speed.

Now of course we are squeaky clean because we have the best “come to you bookkeeper” in town. In addition to our front of office administrator and receptionist we have someone come in on a regular basis for all our ATO and BAS and wages and super and tax and all the stuff that is so important.

My accountant is happy because when it gets to the end of the year he can do our tax return in no time. On top of that we know where we are with cash flow and bills and we put aside for certain expenses so we dont have the shocks we had in the beginning. It also allows us to work freely on what we love to do with the peace of mind that financially we are in order – phew!

My Best Advice to Any Business Owner – If you dont already have one – Get a bookkeeper

Why You Need SEO on Your Site

Search Engine Optimisation is Necessary to Optimise a Web Site in the Eyes of Google

The average business needs a website, right! Most businesses begin thinking about a “nice” looking website that reflects their brand and displays their products and services so that they can refer clients etc etc.

They are right and that is a good place to start however, it does not necessarily end there. Print advertising may still be effective for many small businesses but now that we know 85% of people find what they are looking for ON LINE. That is a huge change to only a few years ago.

What Does That Mean for Your Website

It means that if you want to keep up or advance on your competitors you need to be found at or near the top of Google when someone searches for your services and products.

You may be for example a lawyer practice in a city suburb and you service the local area you are in but when you search for a lawyer in your suburb there are about 3-4 pages of lawyers. The competition seems fierce. What makes the difference ? How do you get your site near the top where people are most likely to click?

The answer is by optimising your website to come up higher in the search results.

What is Involved in Search Engine Optimisation

There are two main aspects to SEO. They are on page or on site SEO and off site SEO. Both are important as they work together to lift your website.

On Site SEO

This is when the website itself is optimised and begins even before the website is built. Prior to building any website it is important to research the particular keywords that are relevant to your business. They are either single words or phrases that a searcher would type in if they were looking for a business just like yours in your local area. These keywords help form the site structure and will be an essential ingredient of the site content. When Google looks at your site it will read the content and match it to the searchers query. For this reason the content of your site should describe very clearly the products and services that you offer.

There is a lot more to it than that. It also includes meta data and the way it is expressed and many other small facets that when added together will make Google happy about your website.

Off Site SEO

Off site SEO is also multi faceted and includes social pages that will be linked to your website such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc etc. Social pages help Google decide if your site is popular.

Another signal to Google is how many other sites link to your site. If other websites lik to your website because they believe your website is cool or informative or for any reason, the Google gives your site extra marks because your site must obviously have some authority. Google loves authority and relevance. Sites that link to your site really should be relevant to the topic of your website. It is unlikely that a photography website would link to a lawyer and if it did Google would not necessarily value this link to highly. If on the other hand your Lawyer site had a link from the Law Society or a University Law School it would indicate to Google that your website must be VERY authoritative and elevate your site above others.

SEO is a complex affair and should be done by an expert as there are many pitfalls which can work negatively and cause Google to even penalise your website.

We would need a book to go into all the details of SEO as it’s a subject that requires years of experience and understanding and is also a subject where the goal posts are constantly changing


If you want to be found in Google and other search engines you will have to go beyond just a great looking website – Look around and make sure to hire someone right from the beginning (before the web designer) to design and plan the structure of your website. Make sure that this person has a track record. Ask to see what they have already done. They should be able to show you charts of some of their work to prove to you they can do the job.